December 11, 2014


Ahh, those days where by 9 am, you are done and ready for bed. When a sweet, adorable 3 year old is possessed by something evil, refuses to dress, to eat, to leave the house, and work seems like vacation.  As a not yet- potty trained tot stands there without his diaper and refuses to put one on, and is then irrationally upset when he pees on the floor and your Prada pumps (because today, of course, you have a meeting). These episodes are infrequent in the evil threes at first, and you think maybe you are among the lucky few that will listen to others tell tales of misery while cuddling your sweet boy. But then, the iPad is slammed onto the floor and tears fly over a lost wifi signal, and you see that it will not be such smooth sailing. Though surviving sleepless infant-hood should prepare us for the trials and tribulations for the toddler years, they seem no less intolerable as they are occurring. Just grant me patience, wine, and Soul Cycle.

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