May 9, 2017

The Great Jean Dilemma

Ok, so being 3 months post-baby aside, I am finding the greatest challenge of my personal style life to be finding a new pair of jeans. I'm the same size as I've always been (generally a 27 in jeans, I'll go for a 28 if they are really skinny or narrow) but nothing I'm trying fits exactly as I want. The waist is too tight or too large, the legs equally at these ends of the spectrum, and don't get me started on the rise. High-waited jeans seem like a girdle, and low rise are no mom's friend. I have purchased and returned no less than 8 pairs of jeans these past few weeks, from my favorite denim go-to's (J.Crew, Loft, J.Brand). I'm growing desperate for a new pair. Nothing too 'lived-in', nor with pre-made rips (my 5 year old likes to tell me 'Mommy! You have a hole in your pants!' each and every time I wear my distressed boyfriend jeans from J.Crew). Something comfortable, straight, medium rise, medium wash, with a flattering fit. Is this asking too much? If I don't lose hope when I'm done with the post, I may make one last effort.

Loft classic modern skinny, $69

J.Brand high-rise skinny, $198

J.Brand mid-rise dark skinny, $198

J.Crew classic toothpick- but I'm finding these too low rise lately, $125

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  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2017

    That's so frustrating, Christina! Have you tried Mossimo at Target? They have jeans in all different styles and washes. I have a couple of pairs and love the fit!


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