October 5, 2015

In the Bag

In the Bag by Musings of a Mom {Esq.}

Lipsticks: MAC Captive for night, Modesty for day // iPhone and iPad Mini cases: Nordstrom//Mirror: gift from my friends when I traveled abroad in college// Sunnies: Ray Ban// Concealer: Nars in Vanilla

What items are in your bag?


  1. Right now, I have more cold medicine in my bag than fun beauty products! Love that iPhone/iPad case. Typically, I have numerous lipsticks with me at all times, my Coach sunnies, and a cute mirror.


  2. Love that iPhone case. Mine is currently a chunky, high impact case to protect from toddler hands! Wish they made them heavy duty AND cute - hmmm, maybe I'm on to something? ;) I'm a mommy and a lawyer too (well, I'm an Esq. Don't have the law job yet.) Graduated and took the bar while pregnant, and now looking for the right thing. Always makes me happy to see other women happy and doing both (doing it all?) :)



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